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JSR has been serving as a general contractor since 2003. We specialize in new construction, renovations, alterations, remodels, tenant improvements, and renewable energy projects. Multiple projects are performed simultaneously and require pre-construction activities to determine existing conditions and client and technical documentation requirements. A large portion of our projects have little or no design documentation provided by the owner and require extensive planning, incidental and/or full-design services. JSR routinely provides technical documentation up to the 35% level on projects not requiring professional design services.

JSR currently serves as a prime contractor under the following Programs:

  • Eastern Border MATOC 
  • AFICA Regional Engineering and Construction (REC) Central and East Regions
  • SWD Tulsa MATOC
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Recent News

JSR completed Old Georgetown Road Crossing over Cowhouse Creek Bridge project 2 months ahead of schedule at Fort Hood, Texas.