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JSR is recognized for its ability to provide quality services on highly complex construction, fabrication and installation projects in a timely manner. JSR employs estimating, engineering, shop fabrication, and installation professionals meeting the needs of our clients.


JSR’s approach to successful project management is to provide a highly qualified staff of professionals who possess refined management expertise. Our team of Project and Construction Managers are paired with projects matching their capabilities to affect the most efficient performance of the work requirements. 

Our project management capabilities consist of using proven techniques, lessons learned, Federally-approved business processes, and standard operating procedures, on all projects. These capabilities ensure effective project start-up, quality construction, safe work execution, effective schedule and budget control, and efficient closeout.

Health and Safety

Safety is the highest priority at JSR as it is reflected in our corporate polices as the foundation of our safety program, along with promoting incident/accident prevention in all aspects of work. JSR holds itself and our subcontractors accountable for safe working environments by adopting a zero tolerance toward safety incidents and a continuous improvement program, maintaining healthy work practices, and implementing a Safety and Health Program compliant with Federal safety standard EM 385-1-1.

JSR has well-established corporate cultures of safety as well as extraordinary positive safety statistics. This commitment to safety is reflected in our OSHA recordable rates that are well below the National Construction Industry Average.

Training of all JSR employees and subcontractors in our safety and health practices is a corporate mandated and vital component of our successful safety and health program. We achieve safe working environments through a dedicated team approach involving initial, project-specific, and annual safety training at every level of the organization. Through on-going training, we ensure each person understands his/her value to the company; the monetary, physical and emotional costs of accidents; objectives of the safety policy and procedures; and his/her role in administering, implementing, monitoring and complying with the safety policy and procedures.

Quality Control

JSR is fully committed to providing the highest level of quality by exceeding our client’s expectations whether it is a fabricated metal or wood product or the construction/renovation of a building. This policy is implemented through our QC Plan that monitors and measures performance through all phases of project planning, management, procurement, fabrication, equipment installation, and construction. Our high quality standards are assured by: 

  • Maintaining and updating written instructions governing procedures and practices 
  • Establishing clearly defined lines of authority and responsibilities for QC compliance 
  • Defining quality requirements and ensuring conformance to all contractual requirements and specifications, client requirements and expectations, and applicable Federal, State, Local, and Trade codes and standards 
  • Performing and maintaining accurate records of inspections, test certifications, manufacturer’s certifications, and other documentation 
  • Maintaining continuous communications with stakeholder representatives to ensure a common focus throughout the project


JSR has experienced personnel and equipment resources available to self-perform select scopes of work. Our self-performing capabilities include:

  • Demolition 
  • Concrete formwork and placement
  • Fabrication and installation of specialty metals including: 
    • Custom stainless steel and exotic metals 
    • Stainless steel and aluminum handrail and guardrail systems and gates 
    • Stainless steel counter tops 
    • Miscellaneous sheet metal work 
    • Miscellaneous carbon steel fabrication 
  • Fabrication and installation of millwork including: 
    • Cabinetry for break rooms, restrooms, lockers, and general usage 
    • Beverage/food counters 
    • Modular furniture 
    • Architectural wainscoting 
  • Steel erection 
  • Daily and final clean-up
  • General construction activities including: 
    • Carpentry 
    • Painting
    • Installation of insulation, drywall, acoustical ceilings, flooring, and specialty items

Recent News

JSR, Inc. was awarded in Sept 2021 3rd Calvary Regiment (3CR) Wash Rack Repairs in Fort Hood, Texas.


Recent News

JSR was recently awarded in Feb 2022  a Design Build task order for Repair Roof and HVAC System B2530 JBSA, FSH.