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Renovate Buildings 915 and 916

Location: Fort Sam Houston, TX

Client: USACE

Contract PoP: August 2014 - August 2016

As the Prime Contractor, JSR renovated Buildings 915 & 916 to meet AIT dormitory standards. These facilities are three-story structures and house single trainee soldiers in addition to company administrative, training and command operations. JSR provided all site improvements necessary to support the years building renovation. Antiterrorism/Force Protection measures were included in the facility design. JSR was responsible for all repairs to existing sidewalks, pavements, curb and gutter, utilities, and/or landscaping. The scope of work for this project consisted of a total interior renovation including replacement of HVAC and electrical systems, new roof and drainage system, renovation of living units and mechanical rooms. JSR replaced the existing HVAC system with a chilled water system and relocated all units into utility closets. Utility closet doors were sized for ease of service and maintenance of HVAC units. 

Recent News

JSR completed Old Georgetown Road Crossing over Cowhouse Creek Bridge project 2 months ahead of schedule at Fort Hood, Texas.