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Various Energy Upgrades including Geothermal

Location: McAlester Army Ammunition Plant (MCAAP), OK

Client: USACE

Contract PoP: September 2011 - December 2012

JSR upgraded the HVAC systems of 3 buildings to higher efficient systems including the use of a geothermal system. The existing central steam plant supplying Building 129 with HVAC was decentralized and decommissioned in favor of a ground-source heat pump system utilizing the natural thermal properties of the earth to serve as a medium for the transfer of energy in order to efficiently heat and cool base facilities. The geothermal well field consists of 40 wells at 400 ft depth each, placed strategically around the building. A new Direct Digital Control (DDC) control system was installed and connected to the existing Base Utility Monitoring and Control System (UMCS). 

Building 136’s direct exchange split-gas furnace was replaced with a three 5 ton heat pump units with supplemental natural gas furnaces and a stand-alone energy-efficient furnace. In Building 569, JSR upgraded the HVAC system with a natural gas-fired condensing boiler and an air-cooled 80 ton high efficiency chiller system from an inefficient oil buring boiler.

Recent News

JSR completed Old Georgetown Road Crossing over Cowhouse Creek Bridge project 2 months ahead of schedule at Fort Hood, Texas.