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Solar Thermal Collection System

Location: DLA Distribution Center, New Cumberland, PA

Client: USACE

Contract PoP: March 2012 - April 2013

JSR installed the largest two-staged solar thermal collection system in the country totaling over 55,260 sqft across four walls providing preheated outside air to air handling units and large ceiling fans within the facility. Construction began by installing a customized mounting system to conjoin the solar collection system with the steel metal siding on this facility. New metal ductwork was installed and connected to the existing air handling units and new fan units. A direct digital control system was installed and commissioned to maximize the energy efficiency of the solar collection system. Variable frequency drive fans were installed to regulate the air supply within the facility. The control scheme differs by season. During the cooling season, the controls activate the bypass dampers within the air handling units and shut off the supply fans in the directly ducted areas. During the heating season the air handling units are connected to the thermal collection system whereby dampers supply preheated air from the solar collection system until the supply air temperature is equal to the return air temperature.

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